Why should you buy Final fantasy XV without thinking twice

FIanally Final fantasy XV is released which took 10 years in development, there are few points which will make you buy this game without thinking twice and it doesn’t matter if this is your first final fantasy game

  1. Massive open world

“This game has a huge open world to explore lot of games do not meet these criteria you can explore lot of places and landscapes ”

2. hour and hours of gameplay
According to the latest interview with Tetsuya Nomura the creator of FFXV this gave will have around 50+ hours of gameplay which is makes it worth it have

3. Brilliant combats

4. Amazing music 

One of the biggest reasons for a successful game is its music and final fantasy XV has one one the best tracks which will make this game a great success

5. Insane monsters

This game has amazing and tough monsters to fight which is again an advantage.

Would you buy this game ?  mention in the comment section



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