How to be motived at work

We often lack motivation in office so we have compiled a list of some simple things which will help in keeping you motivated in office.

  1. Decorate your desk 


“No need to do anything fancy you can decorate by just keeping few small stuff like a tiny bamboo tree or some of your favorite photos. looking at these things will make you feel like home and will boost positive energy in you ”

2. Take small breaks


“Keep taking small breaks you can get up from your desk and go for a cup of tea or just walk around, this helps you not getting bored at desk ”

3. break goals into small tasks


“Make sure you divide your big tasks into small subtasks and solve them this will remove burden from you ”

4. Drink lots of water


“Drinking water keeps your hydrated and help in better concentration ”

5. listen to good music


“music keep you calm and helps in being focus ”

6. Talk to your colleague


“take out some time from your schedule and spend in taking to a friend in the office this works as a stress buster you can crack jokes or discuss a movie you watched ”


7. Don’t push yourself hard

“Make sure you know your limit to push as pushing too hard can lead stress which demotivates you from working .”

Hope this post helps you to stay motivated, share it with your friends too. Check out our Facebook page and never miss blog 🙂



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