This is how the indian version of GTA would look like

1. the game’s cover design

2. The Loading Screen

“Don’t expect a bikini model in the loading screen

3. 5 stars = get out free card from a politician


4. You will be able to play cricket on road


5. Your side missions will be to get Dhaniya & Pudina (Coriander & Mint) Leaves for your Mum


6. Flirting with girls on road = getting jailed
(Unless you’ve reached 5 stars of course )


7. Traffic won’t let you drive fast


8. You won’t go near a railway station…ever! Unless you want to see people crapping


9. Busted will read as ‘Laude Lag Gaye’


10. You will have beautiful places to explore like The Himalayas


11. gambling will be illegal unless it’s Diwali, you’ll get a notification for it


13. There will be special DLC’s for Holi, Diwali etc.


What else do you think would be in the GTA Indian version? Drop a comment to share! 🙂
*courtesy google images

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