Things to know about working in a startup

Working in a startup has became trending these days but there somethings you need to know before you start working in a startup

The Good

1. No dress Code

startup life
You Can wear whatever you want to 😀

2. Good Pay

startup life
Startups often pay pretty good salary

3. Work flexibility

startup life
You can work from home , cafe , jungle or wherever with your laptop

4. No Timing

startup life
You can go to go to office late as far as you finish your work in time

5. You learn lot of things and grow

startup life
One of the biggest reason to work in a start up is the kind if stuff you learn and you get smarter day by day
The bad

1. Crazy Targets

startup life
You have mad target to achieve in crazy deadline

2. No Social life

startup life
your office buddies becomes your best friend

3. Multitasking

startup life
You will have to work on many things at the same time

4. Insomnia

startup life
You are definitely going to face this if you join a startup

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