How to click amazing high shutter speed photograph

Manual mode photography can do cool tricks and there are crazy amount of stuff that you can do using just your camera and some basic thing, one of the famous photography trick is high shutter speed photography i have clicked this picture with just a DSLR , a glass filled with water and a tomato, here are some things you need to follow for your first cool photography

Things you need

    1. DSLR phone camera which supports manual mode
    2. An open space with good light
    3. Glass filled with water
    4. Tomato or any fruit
    5. Black cardboard
    6. Tripod (optional)


    1. Fill the glass with waterIMG_5997
    2. put your DSLR in manual mode and set shutter speed as 1/800
      (preferred speed also depends on light)
    3. Use IOS as 200 as  i have clicked this photo in an open area
    4. put the black cardboard behind the glass
    5. put your camera  in burst mode/continuous mode
    6. drop the tomato from a height and start clicking
    7. Choose the best photo do some basic edition and you are done 😀IMG_5994


Now you know the basic things to shoot a high speed photo try to explore using colourful water , a fish aquarium multiple glass of water etc etc , remember ISO and Shutter speed changes in environment , I have clicked in an open area so I needed less ISO keep experimenting and you will get good at it. Cheers and happy photography



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