Why should you buy Final fantasy XV without thinking twice

FIanally Final fantasy XV is released which took 10 years in development, there are few points which will make you buy this game without thinking twice and it doesn't matter if this is your first final fantasy game Massive open world “This game has a huge open world to explore lot of games do not meet these... Continue Reading →

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How to be motived at work

We often lack motivation in office so we have compiled a list of some simple things which will help in keeping you motivated in office. Decorate your desk  "No need to do anything fancy you can decorate by just keeping few small stuff like a tiny bamboo tree or some of your favorite photos. looking... Continue Reading →

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This is how the indian version of GTA would look like

1. the game's cover design 2. The Loading Screen “Don't expect a bikini model in the loading screen ” 3. 5 stars = get out free card from a politician 4. You will be able to play cricket on road 5. Your side missions will be to get Dhaniya & Pudina (Coriander & Mint) Leaves for... Continue Reading →

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Times when “Courage The Cowardly Dog” gave you nightmares

When bad CGI had the ability to give you night terrors for weeks.    When Muriel became possessed by a mattress demon.   When art pieces could suck the life right out of you.  When Courage became a puppeteer for his owner’s dead bodies.    When the tree had a human face   Have more... Continue Reading →

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These quotes will scare the living hell out of you

We have compiled a list of some scary one liners and short stories which are going to give you chills.   I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I though it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again.     My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming... Continue Reading →

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How to click amazing high shutter speed photograph

Manual mode photography can do cool tricks and there are crazy amount of stuff that you can do using just your camera and some basic thing, one of the famous photography trick is high shutter speed photography i have clicked this picture with just a DSLR , a glass filled with water and a tomato, here... Continue Reading →

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2016 in one post


Uncharted lost legacy

Naughty dogs revealed the new uncharted stand alone story lost legacy #PSX16 PlayStation is celebrating the 22nd birthday of the PlayStation’s debut in Japan with this event.   A nearly six-minute cold open for PlayStation Experience looked so, so much like the next Tomb Raider game — until it wasn’t. In the video, a woman in a... Continue Reading →

PlayStation plus December 2016 lineup leaked or a publicity stunt ? 

ews December title for ps plus is already leaked on the PlayStation store , this is not the first time when Sony has done this. Both the games are not AAA and swill surely going disappoint fans. So what do you think about this titles ? Share your comment in the comment section

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